June 20, 2017

Allison and Eric | Married | Marriott | Milwaukee

FILED IN: Weddings

I was looking forward to Eric’s and Allison’s wedding day for months! Eric and Allison are one of the most adorable couples ever, and I love how much they truly love and adore each other. From the moment Eric saw Allison for the first time, he couldn’t keep his eyes off of her. (It was SO cute) There she was, beautiful as ever. The woman who he fell in love with years ago and was now going to be able to call her his wife <3 It was SO precious watching these two hold hands, whisper into each other’s ears, and just radiate happiness the entire day. They were surrounded by wonderful friends and families who were so supportive and loving. I can’t wait to see these two grow each day as a married couple. I know they have an amazing future ahead of them as husband and wife. Allison and Eric, thank you for letting me capture your special day and thank you for being so sweet all of the time <3

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